Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gas Tax Cuts

So Hillary has joined McCain in calling for a suspension of federal gas taxes for the summer, which amounts to about 18.4 cents per gallon. 

Seriously? They really think this is going to help? Gas is heading in the direction of $5 a gallon. Cutting 18 cents isn't going to make a difference to the individuals who have to drive places such as, I don't know, to their jobs! What happens here is that the government, where 18.4 cents per gallon adds up to a lot of money overall, is going to lose out on that revenue. Now, I don't think I need be the one to point out that we are have a substantial national debt, nor that the money that we are getting from Bush this tax season was borrowed money from China adding to that debt, nor the trillions we are poring into Iraq, but since 18 cents isn't going to help us individually, couldn't that money be put towards something that will?

How about taking all of the federal gas tax money for that same period of time and invest that into a solution to getting us out of this gas crisis? How about incentives for alternate fuel sources? Or incentives for more fuel efficient vehicles? Or something from all those people out there who are smarter than me and are clearly smarter than the candidates we have in office and who are running for office?

The Rational Moderate

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