Thursday, May 15, 2008

Video Game Violence

How to approach this topic?

It's always hard to confront someone who has had a deep tragedy. While it may be alright for them to vent as they need, it is not alright for us to accept whatever they say just because they are appropriately grieving. 

Ann Oakes-Odger testified at a British government commission on violence in cities that she believed that there is a direct connection between violence and video games in much the same way that there is a connection between subliminal messages on TV and our thoughts. And she's right. Only not in the way she thinks. There isn't any reason to believe that subliminal messages work either. 

There simply is no link between video games and violence. 

Another point she makes is through TV and video games, children become unable to tell the difference between reality and fiction. This seems like a compelling point right up until you spend any time with children and realize that not being able to tell the difference between reality and fiction is just how kids are. 

The Rational Moderate

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