Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Gender Issues...

Keeping in line with the last post, I just read an article about researchers who claim to have found a gender difference in video game playing. Or have they? The article leaves a lot in the air. For one thing, what the heck game were they playing? The MRI apparently showed a greater amount of activity in the reward and addiction parts of the brain for the guys when they conquered more territory than for the girls. This is why, they claim, men are more attracted to video games than women. But is that really what they showed? Or have they just showed that a particular type of game is one that attracts more males than females? 

Video games are an interesting phenomenon in that we are really living at the start of this new entertainment that I wouldn't be surprised to find mirrors the developments in radio, movies, and TV (heck probably even the printed word).  But what I would really be surprised to find out is that there is actually something about video games as a medium that produces a division among the sexes. I have no doubt that some games will more likely draw male players and others will draw female players, but video games themselves mostly drawing males simply because they are video games and not because of the content? I'm skeptical. 

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