Thursday, May 8, 2008

Obama vs McCain

I missed a lot of excitement recently. It looks like after the most recent democratic elections Clinton is done. But like a true politician, why let math get in your way?

Listening to some past podcasts of Bill Maher's show Real Time, I liked his view of the Democratic primary. He basically argued that there is nothing wrong with Hillary staying in the running even if it looks like she is not going to win because that is the way it should work. The point is to pick the best person to run, and if she thinks she is it, then she should stay. 

Most likely two things will occur when she finally drops out: 
1) The democrats will support Obama despite what they are saying now because their other option is McCan't do something different from Bush. 
2) It will make Obama stronger because he will already be used to the type of crap he's had to deal with against someone who is ultimately going to be on his side. When he goes against McCain, it's going to get ugly. He might as well be used to it now.

The Rational Moderate

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