Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Science Debate Still Snubbed by All 3...

So far three invitations have gone out to Clinton, Obama, and McCain. So far all three have been ignored. 

To solve any of the problems that we face, we need individuals in power who are capable of at least understanding the importance of science. 

My question is: why they aren't on top of this? Again it seems like it's playing the political game of walking that middle line to be as accepting as you can of everyone, no matter how ridiculous, while not really taking any stand. 

Instead we get the "Compassion Forum."

Now I understand that politics is ultimately a value position; it answers questions about what we should do. But there is always implied by statements of what we should do that we are actually able to do them. "Ought implies can." And the best measure we have for figuring out if we actually can do something is using science. 

The Rational Moderate

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