Thursday, July 31, 2008

Problem with...McCain's Ads

Here's the ad:

Problems with this ad:

1) He's comparing Obama to Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears. This would be known as a false analogy as they are both dumb as rocks and Obama is clearly intelligent. You can disagree with his positions, but if you don't think Obama is intelligent I'm going to bet you think the earth is 6,000 years old or Lizards control the government.

2) Obama is against off-shore drilling. Hmmm, I wonder why that would be true. Is it because off-shore drilling won't help the energy crisis we're experiencing? Between a Republican and a Democratic candidate, who do you think is more likely to continue letting the oil companies do what they want? Now granted I would like to hear what positive things Obama plans for the energy crisis, but his lack of support for offshore drilling just seems to make it clear that he understands the problem better than McCain.

3) Raise taxes. Ahh, the old standard. Democrat = tax and spend. Of course, we have a situation right now where our government is hemorrhaging money it doesn't have. So I guess that makes the other half: Republicans = do nothing and spend.

4) The biggest problem is ultimately the negativity. Nothing in that ad gives a positive message from McCain. In fact, judging from the statements in the ad alone, McCain could do and promote exactly the same things he accuses Obama of promoting. Nowhere does it say that McCain will drill offshore, or that McCain won't raise taxes. There is not a single instance of McCain saying anything positive about himself.

5) His smirking face at the end is not going to help him. 

One of the reasons I thought McCain got the Republican nod was that it seemed like he wasn't going to pull all of the same old garbage. Republicans are just as sick of this negativity as Democrats and those of us who are independents were sick of it long before them. We had a chance with Obama and McCain, the first chance in as long as I can remember, to have a real positive campaign were both sides spent their time arguing for their positions and not kneecapping the other. I also think it is still possible, but only if we the public make it clear that this kind of nonsense will not fly. 

The Rational Moderate.

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