Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Fun with the TSA

Here are two stories to lighten your heart when you realize that you don't have to fly anywhere today. (My apologies for those reading this in an airport.)

This first article is about a CNN reporter who wrote critically about the TSA's security measures. Ever since then he is harassed by security in every airport he goes to. What makes this richer is that the TSA claims he is not on the watch list even though the airport security has told him he was. 

The second article is about x-rated searches. Basically, if you have anything wrong with you - say a prosthetic leg - you can expect to be striped searched in a room with glass walls (don't throw stones) in front of anyone who wants a good show when your leg sets off the metal detectors. Oh, and you should be glad that your safer because they're making you do this. Why can't the video game = pornography crusaders help us out with this one. 

The Rational Moderate

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