Friday, July 4, 2008

Problem with...

Here is the first of a series of planned articles detailing the problems with the current candidates. Originally the first piece was on Obama and the  FISA compromise, but this issue with McCain really got under my skin as I see it as a continual problem with Republican campaign tactics that I felt the need to write about first.

Problem with... McCain:

Lying on purpose or stupidity. 

The latest attack on Obama is his supposed reversal of withdrawing troops from Iraq. McCain's attack is to argue that Obama has changed his mind and has adopted McCain's position on leabing an occupational force in Iraq -assuming we can get to the point where they are just an occupational force ala Japan and Germany and not really engaged in constant fighting. 

But this is not true and they either know it or...

Yet, it's being spread around like gospel. Obama's big reversal. The fundamental problem is that Obama's position hasn't changed, it's just a lot more realistic than McCain's camp can wrap their heads around. Yes, the goal is withdrawal. But, how we go about that goal needs to be decided with the military advisors that are involved with the Iraq operation to ensure it goes well. It's as if the McCain camp believe that the day Obama is sworn in a swarm of helicopters will lift every troop out of Iraq.

Next Time: Problem with Obama

The Rational Moderate


Sodfather said...

Yep, politics isn't about the truth or valid data, but about what people will believe. Given that people don't research and don't remember, the last statement heard tends to kick the one before it out of their pretty little heads.

Oh, I added you to my bloglist (actually, you're the only one at the present instant, but that's about to change). I trust that's OK.

Rational Moderate said...

Yeah, I know that is how politics is done. But we have candidates who stand on being different from normal politicians and so I feel we are justified in holding them to an even higher standard. Plus, as my description states, I am an ethicist. So I spend most of my time dealing with how things should be even if they aren't. Sigh, I can dream...

And thanks for reading and commenting to this blog! I really appreciate it (and I'll try to get more timely with my posting). Hope your allergies aren't doing better.

Rational Moderate said...

hmmm... I think I meant to write I hope your allergies aren't bugging you. Kids - don't drink and intertube!

Sodfather said...

Yep, we can dream. I sometimes wonder if we have an overly romanticized view of things from the Revolutionary age; a historian friend of mine reports that thing were really just as bad as today.

Perhaps it is ethical to try to keep the largest number of people happy most of the time, but I don't think so. Too often that leads to discrimination against minorities just because they're minorities. At least to my understanding, the Constitution is supposed to protect people from that.

I'm happy to keep my zone of influence quite small. I have to follow the hospital's ethics and laws, and I tend to exceed those just because if I were a patient I'd want me to work that way.

At home, my worst ethical problem is the issue of watering the lawn and gardens with drinking water. I'm seriously thinking of having a cistern and pump installed so I can use greywater. Alternately, a non-drinking-water well would do the trick as there's no tap on the aquifer here.

With spring fading, my allergies have practically disappeared, thanks! The next time I have to deal with 'em is next spring as I have no reaction to most fall-blooming weeds. Goldenrod and ragweed are just pretty flowers to me. :-)