Friday, August 29, 2008

Take Me Out of the Ball Game...

via Boing Boing

Apparently there is a rule in place at Yankee stadium that during the national anthem and "God Bless America" you are not allowed to leave your seat to go to the bathroom. If you do you will be forcibly removed from the stadium. Now, Yankee stadium is privately owned and when you purchase and use your ticket you agree to a whole host of regulations that I'm sure you know nothing about (see my post on never talking to the cops) and can easily get you ejected. But with baseballs rapidly declining popularity I really doubt this will help bolster that nostalgic feeling for anything other than being a child and having to do the pee pee dance while your parent talks to an old friend they just happened to run into while en route to the restroom. 

Now Yakee stadium is being sued by NYCLU, though it seems like the only case they have is to argue that the use of uniformed officers, even if off duty, takes this case back into an issue of a state prohibiting free speech - or the freedom to not engage in speech you disagree with when your bladder is pounding at your door. 

The Rational Moderate


Mike to the D. said...

I read about this the other day. Seems to be a similar argument to not having prayer in schools. Prayer was removed from schools because a group of people did not want to participate, therefore no one got to participate. They did not want to push religion on people who did not want to be in a religion. Seems to be in this case, they are forcing you to participate in patriotism. I am pretty sure there is nothing in the constitution that requires this. However, in defense of the stadium if this argument is used; prayer was removed from schools because they were owned by the public (at least in theory). The stadium is privately owned and just like any other privately owned building, rules are rules and ignorance is never a good excuse. Is this one of the dumbest things I have read in a while... yes! At least since your last TSA post.

Rational Moderate said...

yes, you can always count on the TSA to give you more stupidity than you can shake a stick at,

I heard recently that Yankee Stadium is publicly owned and that would certainly change everything. The New York Times is reporting that the city owns the stadium - so I guess that changes everything.