Wednesday, August 6, 2008

McCain, you owe me a decent election!

(Ok, maybe not owe...)

I really thought this presidential election was going to be great.

I believe that the reason we have the presidential race we do is that both sides were sick of the 20 year fight between the Clintons and the Bushes. Republicans went with McCain because he was so different than Bush. He spoke the truth and stood up for what he believed in even if it went against his party or what his base wanted to hear. I think that earned him some respect, not just from moderates and lefts, but from the rights who were anti-neocon as well. 

That’s why this turn of events is so saddening. We really had a chance to have an amazing election between two wonderful candidates who weren’t like other politicians. We could actually have conversations about the best way to solve the problems we have without resulting to misleading information. The facts could be agreed upon by both sides and the difference could be up to the voters about which approach would be the one we wanted. But here we are, brought down into the same muck we’ve had to endure in the past. 

McCain knows that offshore drilling won’t help the energy problem we are having. He said as much in the past. So instead of having a debate about the best way to solve the problem, we actually have to debate on the facts of the problem. The same problem is happening with the GOP ragging on Obama telling individuals to check their tire pressure to help reduce their gas consumption. The fact is that it will. But instead of agreeing on the facts and disagreeing on what should be done about it, the Republicans are stomping on the facts again. 

So right now I blame McCain for not giving me and the American voter a presidential race to be proud of. I’m sure Obama will tick me off again too sometime soon, such as with the FISA compromise, but that was not about the presidential race - at least not directly. What McCain is doing right now is, and it needs to stop.

The Rational Moderate

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