Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama's 30 min Infomercial

I'm going to be watching this very closely tonight mainly because I'm not convinced that I want to vote for him. I am... (hushed silence)... an undecided voter. Yes, that's right the same undecided voter who the Daily Show referred to as "The Stupids," or as David Sedaris referred to as not being able to automatically pick between chicken or poopy-glass for dinner (immediately alienating vegetarians.) Still I am undecided.

But not between Obama and McCain. No, the political romance I once had with McCain when I was young and naive was lost when he hired Rove's underlings to run his campaign. And I knew it was gone for good when he picked Sarah "I-don't-actually-know-what-socialism-is" Palin for his running mate. The choice for me now is between Obama and someone else, and in that I am undecided. 

You see, I am a fan of the write in vote. I believe that our votes should not be for a candidate because we hate the other person, but because we truly want the person we vote for to have the job. For that reason, I will often pick people I know and admire and write their names in, such as myself for sheriff. (Although it's true I do that mostly out of an Andy Griffith fantasy.) What I am not convinced of yet, is that Obama is worthy of my vote. I've posted in the past about some of the problems I have with him and Biden, and I am not convinced that those issues have changed. What I really want from him is a declaration that he will role back many of the unprecedented executive powers that Bush took, but I suppose that would be too good to be true. 

So tonight is his night to sway me, convince me that he is not just the lesser of two evils, but rather someone I would actually want to lead the country of which I am a citizen. 

Otherwise, I may be writing in your name. 

The Rational Moderate


Drew said...

"Erik" is my middle name. If you're going to write me in, please use my middle name as well-- sounds more... presidential.

Mike D said...

So I did not watch this tv ad last night as I do not have cable in the new house yet. I did read about it today and in my reading, I found this article (link provided below). Now, I am on the fence on who to vote for as well but selling yourself to me by telling half truths about the budget (biggest item on my mind next to the failing economy) is not the way to go. With what Bush is leaving the next president, promising tax breaks, cheaper health insurance, and foreclosure help is just not realistic. Where is he going to get the money for all this and what is he going to cut to get it?
And as we all know, take with a grain of salt what you find in internet news. Also, as to not be harped on for being unfair to Obama, McCain's package is no better.

Peter said...

Well, I'm waiting for an update. What did you think? Personally, I turned it off after 10 minutes, it was too "commercial". It felt fake and forced, and I didn't feel like he was talking to me, and I was kind of hoping that would be the tone, instead I found it exploitative and more of the same. I may have to go down the "write-in" vote path too.