Thursday, October 16, 2008

3rd Debate Wrap-up

CBS - Obama 53% to McCain’s 22% with undecided voters

CNN - Obama 58% to McCain’s 31%

MSNBC - Obama

Fox News - Obama

Media Curves - Obama 60% to McCain’s 30%

BBC - Their review of “expert” verdicts was 4 for Obama and 3 for McCain with no tie. Their analysts Kevin Connolly gave the win to the American Voters which is not only lame but proof that he hasn’t been paying attention.

I can’t believe I didn’t include ABC news before now - Oh, that’s because their web site stinks and I can’t find it despite a huge link to “Polls” and “Click Here For More Polls” - stupid disney network

My Take - First, Schieffer should moderate every debate. I’m a fan now. I’m getting the podcasts for Face the Nation right now. 

Second, I thought McCain started well and then went into lala land with some ridiculous statements including talking about the “health” of women as code for “give me an abortion so I can go back to whoring around,” his incessant muttering that he knows how to do everything to fix every problem we face without ever telling anyone else despite his being in a position of authority already by being a senator, his stating that he’ll freeze every spending program except for three and then describing how he’ll spend money on these same problems, and, one more for abortion that made me feel like I had my own Life on Mars experience, how he wouldn’t use Roe v. Wade as a litmus test for the Supreme Court but thought that anyone who agrees with Roe v. Wade would not be qualified. (In fairness this isn’t a direct contradiction but rather he thinks there is a correlation between agreeing with Roe v. Wade and being wrong on a  host of other issues that would not make one qualified. I still found it jarring.) 

Third, Obama was fine. Not spectacular, not making any mistakes that contradicted or confused his position. He seemed exactly the same as the last two debates so I guess I didn’t think he did too well, but the polls again disagree with me. It’s likely because of the reasons I gave about McCain. He does seem erratic. I know Schieffer was hammering them both of the negative comments, specifically Obama’s erratic comment, but that’s the way he looked to me. You can make a partisan comment and still be right. Obama, on the other hand, never had that nervous energy that McCain kept showing up in his odd quips, sarcastic lines, and laughing at his own jokes. As I said last time, I think this is done and Obama will be the next president. But there is one last chance for a turnaround for McCain - he finally appears on Letterman tonight. After canceling with Dave by saying he was suspending his campaign and flying immediately back to Washington to try and fix the problem, Dave got a feed into Katie Couric’s anchor booth to see McCain sitting there waiting to do an interview. Needless to say, Dave spent the better part of the episode and the weeks to follow calling out McCain about it, describing the move as “fishy.” 

The Rational Moderate


Peter said...

The abortion statement relating to the qualifications of Supreme Court Justices by John McCain jumped right out at me, I think I actually smacked my hand on my forehead. What an idiot. He was a total train wreck through the whole thing, his hands were shaking, he was fiddling with his Sharpie, and if that jerk said "Joe the Plumber" one more time than he did I know I would have finally lost it.

The best part, Joe the Plumber isn't even plumbing legally in Ohio because he doesn't have a license and neither does the Plumber he works for.

Maybe that's why today at his Pennsylvania rally the catch phrase he repeated from last night was "I'm not George Bush". You know what John the Senator?, "No Shit!"

Sodfather said...

Even I thought, "Train wreck" and I'm disinclined to be judgmental!

Was it just me, or did McCain seem like he either took something before this debate...or didn't take something he should have? He was vibrating, and not in a good way--and the barely suppressed rage was unmistakable.

Pete--Joe can plumb(er) (whatever the form of the word is) if employed by a plumber...and if not, I'm not sure that's his fault or responsibility. I'm disinclined to fault him for it without knowing for sure he knew his boss was not licensed.

Yep, he's not George Bush (McCain, not Joe). He could be this particular social (very) liberal and fiscal (slightly) conservative is voting for Senator Obama, hands down.

Rational Moderate said...

You know, the worst part is he has a precedent of voting for someone who was pro-choice and still qualified, so that means his closing statement on the subject made even less sense.

Many pundit/reporters/commentators are giving McCain the benefit of the doubt by saying the reason he is acting so angry is because he really doesn't like the tone of his campaign and that he is above such slime. But that leads me to one of two conclusions: a) they're wrong, he isn't angry about that but about it not working or b) he has no control over leading his campaign - so how can we expect him to lead the country?