Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shoot the Photographers

I like Bruce Schneier's take on the war on photographers that I've been blogging about. I think the part of comparing our strategies on combating terrorists to what we think would make a good movie or TV show is spot on. It doesn't seem like the people in charge of security in this country are spending as much time on reasonable solutions to security issues as they are dusting off their old, yellowed, unused action movie scripts they wrote in college, turning to the hack climax, and then retyping that as a memo on how to fight terrorists. For example, the idea that an amount of some dangerous liquid that they hope to confiscate before you board a plane could actually be stable enough to carry in your water bottle can only come from folks who really worry about what the diabolical mind of Lex Luthor will come up with this week. I got into an argument about this with a hotel clerk a few months back who, when I asked him to name the liquid that has this magical property of being easily transportable and at the same time can cause serious damage, replied, "C4." 

At least I feel like I won that argument.

The Rational Moderate

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